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My name is Edward D Scott and I am the founder and owner of Considerthis Now ( 

I am not a priest or a deacon or a religious. I am not a theologian or scholar. I do not hold any formal degrees although I do hold a certificate is Church Ministry. 

So what makes me qualified to share my commentaries with you? I do not see it as a matter of qualifications. It is a matter of doing what I am called to do by virtue of my baptism. I am Catholic and I believe that all Catholics are called by their baptism to evangelize. With that in mind, if there is just one reader of a commentary on this website who is touched by a revelation or moved to experience a conversion, the purpose of this website has been fulfilled.

I am not special nor am I better than anyone else. I am just another one of God's prodigal children. It is always my prayer that the Holy Spirit comes to me so that my words are God's words. When that prayer is answered, credentials don't matter. I am blessed because there are times that I feel like that prayer is answered and that is what keeps this website going.

Thank you, Lord. Amen.

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