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I believe in the
Holy Tinity;
Father, Son and
Holy Spirit.

Reflections Page Update

If we believed like true Christians, there would be no pagans.
Pope Jonn XXIII

Good Friday
The Passion of the Lord

Holy Thursday

Sunday, 3/28/2021,
Palm Sunday

Sunday, 3/21/2021,
Fifth Sunday of Lent

Sunday, 3/14/2021,
Fourth Sunday of Lent

Sunday, 3/7/2021
Third Sunday of Lent



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We are in a period of Spiritual Warfare.

Which side are you on? Good or Evil?

Consider This: What Is God Telling You Today ?

Sunday, 4/18/2021, Third Sunday of Easter

Today, we hear Peter continue his testimony by telling the people that they were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus who, was the author of life. But God raised Him from the dead. Peter testified that through the prophets, it was foretold that Christ would suffer. What Peter then tells the people to do is exactly what we need to do ourselves. That is to repent and be converted that our sins may be washed away. It is not enough that Jesus took our sins to the cross. We have to believe in forgiveness and we have to want to be forgiven. We show our belief and desire by repenting for our sins. St John tells us that Jesus Christ is our Advocate with the Father. Notice the cap on “Advocate.” Here, St John refers to the Trinity because it is the Spirit of the Father and the Son who is the Advocate. But the point that St John is making is that it is through Jesus Christ that God forgives our sins and the love of God is truly perfected in those who keep His word. In order to do this, we must believe. St Luke gives us an account of Jesus meeting two of the disciples on the road. They were startled believing that they were seeing a ghost. Jesus had to show them His hands and feet proving that He was truly alive for them to believe. Then they were amazed. But to further satisfy their human nature for tangible proof, Jesus asked them for something to eat. They gave Him a piece of smoked fish. Then Jesus opened their minds to understand the Scriptures and told them that they were witnesses. We are witnesses too but do we act like it? Do we seek forgiveness for our sins and keep the Word of Christ? Today, we are invited to do a self-examination reflecting on these questions.

Sunday, 4/11/2021, Second Sunday of Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday

It is appropriate that we celebrate the institution of Confession on Divine Mercy Sunday. Without God’s mercy, there would be no Sacrament of Confession.

Sunday, 4/4/2021, Easter Sunday

The Lord Has Risen, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia

4/3/2021, The Resurrection of the Lord at the Vigil

This is the Night

Wear the mask!
Wash your hands!
Maintain social distancing!
Pray for our leadership!

Get the vaccine!

Will Satan Attack You
When You Pray?

Consider Jesus in the desert.
Consider Jesus in the garden.

If Satan attacked Jesus
who is God, the Son,
then Satan will surely
attack you
even if you are
deep in prayer.

That is when you must
be on your highest alert.
That is when you must
be most forceful
and command Satan
to get behind you.

Fr. Dans's Reflections
Fr. Daniel Tettedji

Weekly videos dubbed:
Reflections on Relationships,
Marriage and Family Life
with the lens on Scripture.

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